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Welcome to the MASCOT cattery home page!

Since you are reading this page, either you already have and love Bengal cats or you would like to be a proud owner in the nearest future. Most likely you can't deny yourself the pleasure of seeing this amazing pet every day in your own home ;-)! We first fell in love with the Bengal breed in 2005.
These cats, with the intense eyes of a wild jungle animal, who move with grace of a true predator, and shine golden in the sun, have a unique temperament: inexhaustible vital energy, independence and fidelity, they surprise and inspire simultaneously! It is difficult not to fall in love with such a miracle at first sight!
In 2005 I began the search for my first breed girl. Thank you to Olga Fainitskaya from Oleander cattery for our first, Queen Oleander Esmeralda!
With pleasure we will share all our knowledge about Bengals and tell you about our lovely cats, and we will be glad if you decide to join us and become the proud owner of a magnificent, smart, beautiful and graceful companion - a Bengal cat.
Mascot means talisman, amulet. Somewhere in our heart everyone believes that he or she has something that brings good luck. We wish you good luck, and we believe that our animals will bring it to you. Bengalese cats have very various colorings. But in any color they are incomparable!
Choose your own MASCOT!
Good luck!
Mascot cattery, Olga Konkova.

Our Cattery: information, targets, principles

We have been breeding Bengal cats since 2007.
Our target - healthy cats with an excellent temperament, fully corresponding to the standard of the Bengal breed, with modern type and "that something special", in accordance with further breed development. We won't stand still, and will try not only to keep up with the times, producing typical breed examples from generation to generation, but we will also look to the future, creating something new, carefully cultivating and reinforcing positive features.
We try to be in line with new tendencies, and have been researching the breed and the various genetics and pedigrees. We take part in breed seminars, and exchange experience with local and foreign colleagues.
Our cats compete in international cat shows with TICA and WCF systems. MASCOT is a TICA registered cattery. We are a TIBCS member.
We at the Mascot cattery put the care of our cats above all else and maintain a small cattery to allow for an in-home environment. We have a vast knowledge of animal care and the level of quality. We accept nothing but the best not only in our breeding cats, but also in the homes we select for our babies. Our cat's are first and foremost our beloved pets and we place emphasis on that above all else.
We are a FeLV, FIV and FeCov negative cattery.
We are located in Moscow, Russia.
Olga Konkova
+7 (495) 740 - 35 - 63
+7 (925) 740 - 35 - 63
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