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If you have decided to purchase kitten from MASCOT cattery please acquaint with our key purchase rules and our main principles below.
Our babies are handled on a daily basis and socialized to ensure they are well rounded before going home.
BREED and SHOW quality kittens sell in age of 4 month after accurate evaluation, PET quality kittens sell after 12 weeks.
MASCOT provides a veterinary passport and sales contract with every cat/kitten and approved pedigree for BREED and SHOW cat/kitten.
All kittens are given vaccinations and are wormed. Our kittens are raised in home and are handled, socialized and loved daily.
This creates well balanced and adjusted kittens when they go home to their new families.
They are socialized to us and our visitors and friends and to our visitors with children also. Nails are clipped on a weekly basis from 2 weeks of age and they are bathed 3 times before they go home to imprint these regular events into their lives.
Our cats are first and foremost loving members of our family and the kittens are raised in the same manor.
This is not a business for us. Since we do not breed on a large scale, babies are usually spoken for before they are born. Feel free to contact us about our waiting list or future plans.
You can view a sample of our Sales Agreement.
Our pet Bengal kittens are priced from EURO 750 - EURO 1500 and up, and a EURO 200 deposit will hold your pet kitten for you.
Our breed and show quality Bengal kittens start at EURO 2000 and a EURO 300 deposit will hold your breed / show kitten.
Our show quality Bengal kittens start at EURO 2800 and a EURO 500 deposit will hold your breed / show kitten.
Retired adult Bengals are priced from EURO 150 and up, and a EURO 50 deposit will hold a retired adult.
We ship worldwide.
Shipping expenses are not included in price for the kitten.

We have no kittens at this time.

You can leave request for a kitten here.
Please visit our Plans page.
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